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Lynn & Alan T.

Chef Maureen is as good as it gets!!! Soooo user friendly and pleasant, she is a great teacher, top notch at her craft and the food was TERRIFIC! She came completely prepared—All food, plates, condiments etc, I mean everything—and cleaned our kitchen immaculately while we enjoyed the fruits of our labor. What a great present from our daughter and son-in-law. Could not ask for more. We will definitely do this again...she was great!!!!



Mark L.

The absolute best way to "Up One's Cooking Game" is to work with Maureen. Very patient, she has shown me some professional secrets in the kitchen and will be very helpful to you! Call her today!


Donna L.    

Maureen is knowledgeable and passionate about her craft. She is an enthusiastic presenter who guides and encourages culinary students in a warm and professional manner. She is a talented chef and baker.



Suzanne B.    

Always enjoyed my lessons with Maureen. She is professional, but approachable. She is an excellent teacher in my opinion and I wouldn't hesitate to take more lessons from her.



Chris M.    

It was a great time! We made home made pappardelle with bolognese sauce, grilled salmon with basil pesto, and homemade lemon gelato. The food was excellent, everything was laid out so even those with little experience and minimal instruction from Maureen were able to put together this delicious meal. Would do it again, great for a date or evening at home and she also does personal chef work!



Sharon G.    

Working with Chef Maureen for more than 4 years at Sur La Table gave me the opportunity to observe her teaching literally hundreds of classes highlighting cuisines from around the world. Her culinary skills and knowledge are wide ranging and her teaching style is unpretentiously engaging. Choose the cuisine you have always wanted to tackle, Chef Maureen will make your culinary event memorable, fun and worthwhile!



Gail A.   

Her culinary knowledge is superb, working with Maureen was fun, always learning new ways of cooking, techniques. Our cooking classes of 16 people walked away happy with new experiences. Don't miss a chance to experience a lesson with her.



Julia P.    

Maureen is a gifted teacher and an excellent cook. She explains clearly, so I can understand, then let’s me go for it and learn. Definitely 5 stars.


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